District Communications

Ways We Communicate
The Milford District believes that keeping staff, families, and the community informed is necessary to improve student achievement as well as build and strengthen relationships throughout the district. We are utilizing a variety of tools to communicate directly with students and parents, community partners and other key stakeholders to ensure our messages are clear and our audiences are connected to all that's going on in the District.
District Website
Our website serves as the main hub for all communications. If you have questions or need information, our website will be a valuable resource.
Social Media
We believe in more than just “sending information out” to parents. We engage the Milford School community in celebration of student success and develop dialogue with followers on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Automated Phone Calls
The district utilizes an automated voicemail to communicate critical information such as school closure, weather-related announcements, and other time-sensitive information. 
PowerSchool is the Milford School District's electronic student management system where student information is collected and stored. The Portal is the "doorway" into the system giving parents access to information about their children. The PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information that may include attendance, grades, lunch balances and detailed assignment descriptions and school bulletins. Everyone stays connected! 
  • Connections is the Official Newsletter of Milford School District that aims to provide parents, staff, and students highlights and news from across the district.
  • Our School Administrators believe in keeping parents, staff, and students up-to-date on the happenings within their schools:
Tips for Parents

Several of you have found yourselves in a position of working from home, caring for children, and even possibly other adults throughout an entire day; all while trying to  support your child through new remote learning experiences. We understand that while this may be an opportunity for families to spend enjoyable time together, there may also be frustration and challenges ahead.  Please consider a few tips below that may assist during this period of time.


  • Create a daily schedule  - a predictable daily schedule may provide all family members with a sense of routine and comfort. Our staff have worked to help provide you with support and sample schedules. 
  • Plan breaks - physical and brain breaks are an important aspect of staying healthy and self-regulated, especially during uncertain times. 
  • Engage in fun family activities such as family walks and movies, cooking, arts & crafts.
Nutrition Services
To support families through the school schedules, Milford Nutrition Services will be providing 5 breakfast meals which will be available for pick-up on Friday’s for students. All breakfasts will be consumed at home before they arrive at school. For students that are Hybrid A/B Group, High School, Middle School schedules will also be able to pick up 3 meals to cover the days they will be home. This will also be picked up on Fridays between 2:30-3:30 PM at MHS.
Students are not required to be with a parent/guardian in order to pick up meals.  However, we ask that you have proof of identification with you.   Students that are in Elementary School K-5 AM/PM schedules, AM students will take home a lunch meal with them daily.  The PM students will eat in school daily.  
Additional information:
  • The District will provide curb side pick-up for breakfast and lunch for any students. All meals will be available for pick up at Milford High School from 2:30-3:30 PM on Friday’s at the Milford High School.  Parents are kindly asked to fill this one-time online form to provide us the right information.
  • If your child has a special meal prescription plan on file, please contact us before your pick-up at 603 673-4201 ext: 3473 or gallagher@milfordk12.org.


Talking to Your Child about COVID-19

Social media, TV and radio news coverage, overhearing adult conversations, as well as disruptions in regular routines can heighten anxiety, cause confusion, and stress for children and adults.  It’s important to sit down with your children and help to address feelings of discomfort during this time and in the days ahead.  Discussions including ways that germs are spread, proper handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and use of hand sanitizer are helpful.  Be a good role model, invite questions, and provide lots of encouragement to your child.  There are several excellent resources available to assist parents and guardians with discussions. Please see the Blackboard message attachment and the resource links below.

Resource Hub
Whether hybrid or remote, learning looks and feels different this year.   The District's Resource Hub is the go-to place information on learning resources and technology-related tutorials.  Be sure to check it out.
Technology Support
If your student experiences technical challenges with their online learning during this time, please contact your child’s teacher. We have set up a help-desk for the staff to ensure they have access to online support throughout this remote learning process. Our technology team is prepared and ready to ensure their success.
Social Media
Stay up-to-the-minute on school district stories and news by liking or following the Milford School District on a variety of platforms. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.