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The following are recommendations on Bussing Health and Safety protocols.

Bussing – Health and Safety:
  • Drivers will provide training to students for proper procedures to be followed upon boarding the busses
  • CDC guidelines for distancing of 6 feet will be maintained while riding on busses and at bus stops
  • State approved barrier for driver will be installed
  • Driver will wear mask at all times
  • Busses will be sanitized after the morning and again after the afternoon runs
  • Rules will remain the same for the athletic busses as well
  • Windows will be kept open during warm weather routes and will be open a crack (or notch) during cold weather routes
  • Bus monitors may be necessary to ensure proper safety protocols are followed
Pick-Up and Drop Off:
  • ALL students will be required to wear masks while boarding, riding and exiting the busses
  • The students will load the bus starting in the back and filling towards the front. The students will unload the busses at school from the front to the back to maintain social distancing
  • The students will have assigned seating based upon drop off site
  • Siblings will be seated together if possible