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1010 - Philosophy of Education


Our schools exist for the students. We recognize students as individuals with unique needs, attitudes, and abilities. We are committed to providing an environment which makes each student aware of his potential, encourages self discipline, a positive selfimage and permits a wide selection of choices for continued development.

The curriculum is designed to generate learning opportunities emphasizing academic achievement, as well as the qualitative aspects of personal and social development appropriate to the needs and developmental levels of individuals. We recognize there are essential skills that must be achieved by all students to function effectively as an adult.

Teachers are the focal points in creating the environment conducive to guiding individuals to reach their potential and to achieve the District's educational goals. They are committed to the responsibility of utilizing resources and applying varied methodologies and programs found most useful to the individual students served.

The professional staff views itself an integral functioning component of the community. Although responsive to the needs and sentiments of the community, the professional staff provides the leadership and direction in meeting a commitment to the spirit of learning.

It is the ultimate concern of students, faculty, and administration that there be continuous, intelligent and open communication at all levels of the community and school. It is imperative to maintain this rapport in order to establish appropriate curriculum and policies affecting students, staff, and community.

Education is designed to produce confident, responsible students who enjoy learning. Students are educated to become sensitive and sound human beings, whole people intellectually, emotionally, physically, culturally, and socially, enabling them to function responsibly in a democratic society.

Adopted March 1989