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Stay up to date with new and updated content on the District website. Content listed below includes significant changes like new pages and COVID-related guidance recommendations in addition to minor updates like style and layout changes to website content.

  Current   MSD Covid-19 Dashboard
  1/24/2022   Return to Learning Plan/Covid Updates
  1/11/2022   Letters from the Superintendent
  1/10/2022   District Communications
  1/6/2022   Isolation & Quarantine Recommendations for All
  1/4/2022   In Memoriam
  12/28/2021   Project Drive Relocation & SAU Maintenance Building Project
  12/17/2021   Staying Connected
  12/7/2021   Budget Process Overview
  11/23/2021   Press Releases
  9/24/2021   Title 1
  9/20/2021   Return to Learning Plan/Covid Updates
  8/26/2021   Chromebook Repair
  8/24/2021   Resource Hubs (Families)
  8/21/2021   Board Meetings
  8/4/2021   Business Office
  7/29/2021   Facilities Rental
  7/22/2021   Milford School District Staff
  7/14/2021   Departments
  7/1/2021   Bus Routes
  6/29/2021   About Us
  6/23/2021   School Safety & Security
  6/16/2021   Human Resources
  6//9/2021   Chromebooks
  5/21/2021   Alumni Class Pages