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What’s New & Updated

Stay up to date with new and updated content on the District website. Content listed below includes significant changes like new pages and COVID-related guidance recommendations in addition to minor updates like style and layout changes to website content.
5/26/2023 School Meals   (These pages belong to individual schools but are hosted in the District)
5/25/2023 Press Releases
5/19/2023 About Us
5/2/2023 Letters from the Superintendent
3/13/2023 GC Policy
3/13/2023 EBBD Policy  (NEW PAGE!)
3/13/2023 JJJ Policy
3/9/2023 Title 1 Programs
3/9/2023 JMS Online Registration
3/7/2023 Requests for Bids & Proposals  (NEW PAGE!)
Note:  There are seven websites throughout the district. 
This list of updates specifically covers the District website only.

Press Releases

Click here to check out our press releases page.  For media inquiries, please contact Maria Kelloway.
     Stay connected with us
The following are the communication tools used by the School District as a means to inform the Milford community:  
District Website
Our website serves as the main hub for all communications. If you have questions or need information, our website will be a valuable resource.
All school administrators send timely and direct emails to parents and parents have the ability to contact teachers via email when necessary.  
Automated Phone Calls
The district utilizes an automated voicemail to communicate critical information such as school closure, weather-related announcements, and other time-sensitive information. 
PowerSchool is the Milford School District's electronic student management system where student information is collected and stored. The Portal is the "doorway" into the system giving parents access to information about their children. The PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information on student attendance and grades. 
    • Our School Administrators believe in keeping parents, staff, and students up-to-date on the happenings within their schools:
    • Connections is the Official Newsletter of Milford School District that aims to provide parents, staff, and students highlights and news from across the district.  It has been discontinued and replaced with Letters of the Superintendent.
    • West Street Journal is a digital publication run entirely by Milford High School students — and everyone in the community is encouraged to submit articles, drawings, and photographs. 
Social Media
Follow us on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  In addition, MHS Marketing students get hands-on experience by promoting athletics via their social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.
NOTE:  Click here to view or download the Staying Connected With the Milford School District pdf file.

Download School News app by Edlio... available for both iOS and Android.

School News by Edlio
The Events section shows a list of events throughout the district. Users can choose any available calendars with just one tap.
Select your student’s school and make sure you never miss a message.  Simply go to settings and enable notifications.
Families, teachers, and students can add multiple schools in the app.  In the News tab is where you’ll find updates about what’s going on in the district.  
Social Media
Social Networking
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Have a story to share?
Send a Story
Send your stories to Maria Kelloway. You may provide appropriate photos or video footage as well.
Media Requests
The district recognizes that the media are a vital source of information about Milford Public Schools for families and the community.  The district also recognizes the importance of ensuring the safety and privacy of students, staff and families. District officials, schools and staff must cooperate with the news media to the extent required and appropriate by law, while ensuring that media coverage does not interfere with teaching and learning.

After-school events in designated school areas that are open to the general public are open to the media and do not require prior arrangements. Events during normal school hours must be arranged through the school's front office.  All reporters are required to check in at the main school office, wear a “guest pass” at all times, be escorted by a representative of the school at all times and respect/abide by all district policies and local and state laws concerning the use of minors in news and broadcasting.