Mrs. Maria Kelloway

Mrs. Maria Kelloway developed writing and technology expertise during her earlier career in education. She is a veteran educator of 30 years with English and Journalism as her areas of concentration. She has Bachelor's degrees in Elementary Education and Secondary Education, a diploma in Journalism, and completed MA in Educational Management.  She has been an English teacher, a Department Head, a trainer, a High School Principal, and a certified Technology Instructor for all grade levels who taught Technology for 15 years. She has worked in the website industry for a long time and served as the coach to students who won top prizes in the nationals for game design and website design.
Since 1984, she has served as chief editor, editorial consultant, and advisor to different school publications and yearbooks.  She also used to write articles for a monthly regional magazine and run a blog for a daily newspaper in Massachusetts. She's been facilitating the different areas of digital journalism throughout the Milford School District since 2019.  She is the person behind the District Communications and Media who provides trainings to teachers and staff on how to utilize their school website to support the quality of education in the district and to provide families regular and accessible information about the daily happenings in the schools.
Mrs. Kelloway lives in Milford with her daughter Cassandra and her ever supportive husband, Dave.  Among her favorite things to do are writing articles, singing, composing songs, and spending time with the family.
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