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   Together our students achieve the extraordinary.

Connections is the Official Newsletter of Milford School District that aims to provide parents, staff, and students highlights and news from across the district. For questions related to this publication, please contact  Maria Kelloway.

Covid-19 Remote Learning Update

District Communications - Please bookmark this page for future reference.
Letters from the Superintendent - Letters concerning Covid-19, remote learning, and Reopening of Schools.
SAU-40 Resource Hub - A central hub of information and trusted resources for Milford students, families, and teachers.
SPECIAL NOTICE:  It has been decided to temporarily put a halt in the publication of our district newsletter due to constraints caused by this pandemic.  Please continue to follow us through our school website and other social media platforms.  Thank you.

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Connections Vol. 1 No. 6 - February 28, 2020
Project Drive

Help us share good news about your school or department

We are always looking for story ideas and fun videos to share to help us celebrate the great things that are happening in the Milford School District. Here are some examples:

  • Stories of students whose successful efforts or strength of character have influenced others
  • Creative teaching and learning practices that are driving student success
  • Innovative programs that are meeting the unique social and emotional needs of our students
  • Student leaders who are making a difference in their school or community
  • Caring teachers or school employees who have gone above and beyond the realm of responsibilities
  • New initiatives that are preparing students for college or successful careers after graduation
  • Community partnerships that are having a positive impact in your school
  • New practices and programs that save time, money or other resources
  • Fun and uplifting videos that capture everyday moments of joy and laughter in our classrooms, schools and departments

Have a story to share?

Send your stories to Maria Kelloway.  If we don't publish your content in the newsletter, we will consider it for publication across social media channels.

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