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January 27, 2023

Milford School District Invites Proposals from Bus Contractors


For further RFP inquiries, please contact: Jane Fortson, CPA, Business Administrator
School Bus
New students in Milford learn the best bus-riding practices with Principal Tim O'Connor.   
(Photo by Bonnie Cox)


Milford, NH - The Milford School District's contracts with its busing providers, Butler's Bus Service and many others, are set to expire at the end of June.  Bid proposals are now welcomed to be reviewed and considered by the School Board based on cost, business stability and quality of service.  Detailed information, concerning current routes and stops, is available at the Superintendent of Schools' Office. Request for Proposal on the Bus Transportation packet has been sent via email to responsible parties and is also available on the district website (  For further inquiries, please contact our Business Administrator Jane Fortson, CPA via email.

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December 7, 2022

For Immediate Press Release: Milford School District Teacher's Contract


For more information, please contact: Christi L. Michaud, Superintendent of Schools


The following statement is issued on behalf of the Milford School Board.


Milford, NH - Today, the Milford School Board failed to reach a mediated tentative agreement with the Milford Teachers’ Association for a successor collective bargaining agreement, to go into effect July 1, 2023. The Board met with the Union on eight instances, including a day-long meditation session and bargained in good faith throughout. The Board, recognizing both student needs and taxpayer impact, proposed a deal that would be mutually beneficial. While the Board was unable to reach an agreement, it will continue to fulfill its obligation as set forth by its vision and mission statement.
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November 4, 2022

‘Windows on West Street’ to Reopen on Wednesday

Student-Run Restaurant Makes a Comeback After Pandemic Closure


Student cooking pasta   Culinary class at MHS  
There's nothing better than freshly made pasta.
(Photo credits: Mike Levin)
By coming to our restaurant, you are helping train and
support our students.   


Milford, NH - After its abrupt closure due to Covid pandemic, the student-operated restaurant "Windows on West Street" (or WOWS) is back on its feet again and the doors will officially be open to the public on Wednesday, November 9th from 11:15 to 12:15.  Operating in full swing on Wednesdays and Thursdays, culinary students are all geared up to serve quality gourmet food with very reasonable prices.


"We were sorry to have to close Windows. It is important for our students to be able to apply their learning," according to culinary arts teacher, Chef Mike Levin.  "As you are aware it was not possible to operate the restaurant remotely," he quickly added.

"We will be posting our menu and schedule weekly on our school website," explained Levin in detail. "Remember the school schedule will dictate ours.  From buffets to a la carte service, sandwiches, bread in a roll, breakfast pastries and desserts will be just the start of WOW’s menu selection.  We will be expanding our options with catering events and special services.  Hosting smaller events in the restaurant will help expand WOW’s returning guests.  No job is too big or small for our students; they are up for the challenge and are eager to succeed."

For many years, WOWS has been a solid training ground for Milford High School students who want to learn the foundational steps of becoming professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Students are learning food service management skills related to the operation of  “Windows on West Street”, “Windows To Go” and “West Street Event Catering."  

"The students create all menus, cost recipes, and are responsible not just for safety and sanitation but for marketing as well," Levin furthermore said. "Two teams of students will also be competing in the National ProStart Invitational in culinary arts and restaurant concept development." 

"We look forward to re-opening for the community," replied CTE Director Samantha Belcourt. "This program is an amazing opportunity for our students to get real world hands-on experience; Chef Levin and Culinary Arts Associate Tara Savino are doing such an incredible job."
Culinary Associate is working with a studentCulinary Arts students couldn't agree more.  They articulated how the program prepares them for the future because through it, they get to experiment with new recipes and techniques which provides them with real world skills and experience.

“I love this class," student Connor Cook spoke up.  "I enjoy learning to make all types of food and learning what goes into the food we eat."

"Cooking is a passion of mine," Tyler Theriault declared. "Chef Levin has helped me improve my culinary skills."

Many of the customers who are equally excited are employed by the school district.  "It is great that the MHS is reopening Windows on West Street," Darren Fleury said. "Last year the 'bowl and a roll' was fantastic, and I look forward to the soup selections coming soon, this year."

Seventh grade teacher Katy St. George, on the other hand, shared how she was so impressed by the beautiful banquet the culinary team put together for senior night. "From set-up to breakdown, everything was seamless," she reminisced. "The delicious spread made for an extra special evening!"

"I just want to thank Chef Mike for the wonderful food his students are preparing," Jill Larro quietly expressed.  "It's nice to have the quiches available and all the rest of the food for consumption and purchase!" 

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September 12, 2022

Public Notice of Destruction of Special Education Records


  Destruction of records
Destruction of records is the best protection against improper or unauthorized disclosure.


Milford, NH - In accordance with the state and federal regulations implementing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
(IDEA), the Milford School District Student Support Services will destroy records that have been collected, maintained and/or
used in providing special education services for special education students born in 1992 or before.
This destruction policy applies to Special Education Students born in or prior to 1992 only. 
To request records, please contact the Milford Department of Student Support Services at 603-673-6709 x5203 prior to October
31, 2022.
Records will be provided only to former students 18 years of age or older, or to a legal guardian(s) of a said student. Record
release requires photo identification.
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September 7, 2022

Students Head Back to School in Milford


A young student is rewarding Superintendent Christi Michaud with a crown.
Crowns are usually given in our classrooms to highlight a student's achievement, good behavior or special occasion.  Here, a young student is shown rewarding Superintendent Christi Michaud with a crown.  (Photo by Chris Motika)
  Jacques first day of school
At Jacques Memorial School, excitement is running high on the first day of school.  A top priority for educators is making sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible and the general ambiance for learning in the campus is well-maintained.    (Photo by Maria Kelloway)


Milford, NH - For the first time in three years, the first day of school felt normal. You could see smiles in everyone's faces and hear
friends sharing their summer stories. 

The classrooms and hallways were squeaky clean. Teachers and staff greeted students as they walked through the doors. 
Behind the scenes, the school district worked hard to prepare for the new school year.  School administrators held their beginning-
of-school-year retreat focusing on team building discussions and activities.  A few school board members even worked with the
team on the district strategic plan. 
Days before the students came, hundreds of teachers and staff gathered at the Milford High School to welcome and get to know
one another.  They also spent the day refocusing on the organization's mission statement and goals as well as discussing security
plans and holding several lockdown drills with local law enforcement personnel participation.
It was a crunch time for everyone but the first day of school across the district was successful.  Some of our students came with
nerves and tears, some with smiles and optimism.  Teachers and staff members welcomed the students with excitement and every
school began practicing their routines and procedures.
Students are now ready for a safe, healthy, and successful school year.
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August 16, 2022

Back to School Information for the 2022-2023 School Year


Milford, NH - A new school year always brings excitement to the district and we can't wait to welcome back students

and families for the 2022-23 school year.


School Bus



August 31st is our school district's First Day of classes!
August 31 - First Day for Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9
September 1 - First Day for Gr. K, 7, 8, 10, 11 & 12
September 5 - No School (Labor Day)
September 6 - First day for MEEE Program

Jacques Memorial School: 8:25 am - 2:45 pm
Heron Pond Elementary School:  8:40 am - 3 pm
Milford Middle School:  7:30 am - 2:10 pm
Milford High School:  7:40 am - 2:12 pm
The Milford  School District administrative team has undergone several changes.
Please welcome the following people to new roles: 
  • Christopher Motika, Assistant Superintendent
  • Keith Jones, MHS Assistant Principal
  • Samantha Belcourt, CTE Director of Technical Studies
  • Don Gutterson, Athletics Director
  • Stephen Capraro, HP Assistant Principal
  • Lilya Perliger, Middle/High Special Services Coordinator
  • Maureen Oakman, Elementary Special Services Coordinator

Visit School Supply Lists for Grades 2 to 5 on this page.

The USDA has ENDED free meals. Due to the discontinuation of the USDA free student lunch and breakfast program,
students who do not qualify for free or reduced lunches will be purchasing lunch and breakfast. If you believe you could
qualify for free or reduced meals please complete a free or reduced meal application here
The Milford School District uses the EZSchoolPay school lunch payment system. Parents can make online deposits and
keep up with their students’ lunch balance. It allows the lunch line to move faster so kids can spend more time with their
There are changes for this year's meal costs:
Elementary School - $1.35
Middle School - $1.60
High School - $1.85
Elementary School - $2.50
Middle School - $3.00
High School - $3.25
The Milford School District uses PowerSchool for its Student Information System (SIS). If you have questions about
PowerSchool,  please contact your child's school. You can also check our PowerSchool FAQs page.
The Milford School District is committed towards providing updated information online via our websites for easy
access.  Additional information will continually be added as it becomes available. 
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