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Interim Superintendent MichaudDistrict Goal
The Milford School District provides an authentic, rigorous, and personalized experience for all students, so they can pursue their passions and become reflective, empowered, and contributing citizens of an ever-changing world. It educates more than 2,138 Pre-K to 12 students and employs approximately 378 staff members. It is comprised of 1 high school & ATC, 1 middle school, 2 elementary schools and 1 alternative school.
Entry into the school district officially begins at Jacques Memorial Elementary School which focuses on literacy, communication, social-emotional learning, and beginning technology skills. These foundational skills are then being developed, nurtured, and strengthened at Heron Pond Elementary School.
A full-time gifted and talented instruction is offered to selected students and a unique educational commitment of is extended to students with special needs through a smaller, alternative school environment.  Also, a robust instrumental music program is being offered to third grade students because we believe that instrumental lessons offered to students in the elementary grades will provide a solid foundation of skills to feed and expand the middle school and high school bands.  The Milford School District offers a full array of interscholastic athletic activities, including swimming and wrestling, in the state’s intermediate division.
Meanwhile, our Milford Middle School helps our students transition from elementary school students to high school readiness by providing them opportunities to grow and develop into young adults.  Respect and responsibility for self, others, and property is promoted as students are guided toward their fullest potential in academics and citizenship.
Lastly, Milford High School provides students with rigorous and varied curriculum through multiple course offerings. The school engages all students in authentic experiences and motivates them to achieve their potential. Career Technical Education (CTE) classes at the Milford High School’s Applied Technology Center (ATC) offer multiple career opportunities in a variety of fields. The ATC currently offers nine career clusters/pathways for students graduating with advanced skills in biotechnology, precision machining, engineering, culinary arts, business/accounting/marketing, video production, graphic arts, construction technology, and computer science.
Facts at a Glance
District Mission: The Milford School District will be an inspiring community where deep learning and strong relationships empower all students to become designers of their own story. 
Our Schools: 
Total number of schools:  5
Elementary: 2
Middle School:  1
High School/ATC:  1
Alternative School: 1
Total area of Facilities:
448,000 square feet of buildings
75 acres of lawn area and athletic fields
Superintendent Christi L. Michaud
School Board
Judi Zaino
Nathaniel Wheeler
Noah Boudreault
Jason St. Jean
Amy Clark Canty
Our General Fund Operating Budget:  $45.1M
Approximately 79% of the district’s operational budget supports employee salaries and benefits.  A total of $9,160,216, or approximately 21%, is allocated in FY22-23 for non-wage costs. These costs include costs relative to employee training and support. The largest non-personnel costs are bond and interest payments, transportation, technology infrastructure and upkeep, curriculum, planning and learning costs, and facilities, which includes maintenance, insurance, repairs, and equipment.
Total Number of FTE Employees: 
422.75 (SY 2022-23)
 (Including Vacancies)
Total Number of FTE Teachers:  177.42 (SY 2022-23)
Average Teacher Salary:  $68,703
Total Number of Students:  2,138 (SY 2022-23)
Average Class Size:  (SY 2022-23)
(MHS-General Ed) 17
(MHS-CTE) 14.8
(MMS) 19
(HP) 21
(JMS) 16.5
(Pre-K) 10
Average Cost Per Student:  $17,555
English Language Learners: (SY 2022-23)
3% (JMS), 3% (HP),
2% (MMS), 2% (MHS)
CTE programs offered:  12
AP Courses available:  9
Honor Level Courses available:  43
Graduation Rate:  90.16% (2022)
SAT Average (2021-22):  EBRW 538 / Math - 546
Number of meals served daily:  (Info not provided)
Free, reduced lunch:  24%
Chromebooks Deployed to Students:  100%
Year founded:  1788
The oldest document that exists in the archives of Milford Historical Society is an old leather-covered volume entitled:  "Records of the first school Class in Milford" with the report of a meeting in December 1788.  Based on other old records related to this particular year, speculations have been made that a schoolhouse was built in 1788 at a location west of the meeting house on the site of a later brick school which is still standing and is known as a Krush block.
Last updated on 05.19.2023