Working together creates success
  • Budget Advisory Committee:  Reviews the annual school budget in conjunction and makes recommendations to the School Board.

  • Joint Loss Management (Safety) Committee: The Milford School District has a Joint Loss Management (Safety) Committee responsible for quarterly meetings to inspect school facilities for employee safety concerns.  This Committee consists of  membership from both employee & employer representatives.
  • Technology Committee: Reviews the current state of technology and provides input regarding future action plans.
  • Community Engagement and Communication Committee:  This Committee will identify and review communication practices between the Board and community; propose recommendations for monitoring achievement toward the Strategic Plan; establish goals; and foster positive relationships between students, families, staff, community partners, and the School Board.
  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Committee:  This Committee will  encourage and support a vision of educational growth and achievement; monitor Student Success goals of the Strategic Plan; foster communication and engagement with stakeholders regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment; review, analyze, and discuss data points to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and resources; and to identify areas for change or improvement.
  • Facilities Committee: Advises and makes recommendations regarding construction and facilities matters.
  • Policy Committee: Reviews existing policies, and presents new policies to the full School Board for approval, to ensure compliance with federal and state mandates.
  • Wellness Committee: Assists the District in building a coordinated school health system that supports and reinforces health literacy.