School Board Committees

The School Board Committees help the School Board and administration tackle important issues.  They are created by the Board to perform delegated functions or to advise the Board. Among other tasks which may be assigned, Board committees assist the Board by gathering information, reporting on progress made toward meeting goals, preparing alternatives, implications, or recommendations for consideration by the full Board. 
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Community Engagement and Communication Committee   Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Committee
Identifies and reviews communication practices between the Board and community and fosters positive relationships between students, families, staff, community partners, and the School Board.
Primarily responsible for the development, review, renewal, and recommendation of curriculum to be approved by the School Board.
Provides input, advice, and support to the proposed new construction and renovation projects as well as reviews plans for compliance with safety-to-life issues.
Reviews and approves checks drawn on the general fund or any special fund (with the exception of the individual school activity funds).
Helps us review and evaluate proposals provided by reputable vendors as we plan and coordinate improvements and activities towards providing an inclusive and accessible school playgrounds. 
Policy Committee   Wellness Committee
Reviews existing policies, and presents new policies to the full School Board for approval, to ensure compliance with federal and state mandates.
Assists the District in building a coordinated school health system that supports and reinforces health literacy.