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2132 - School Board Sub-Committees

2132 (BDE,BDF) School Board Sub-Committees 2132 (BDE,BDF)

Though the Board shall generally act as a committee of the whole, the Board also recognizes that certain tasks could be addressed more effectively through the use of sub-committees, who shall make recommendations for action to the Board.  Up to two School Board Members shall be appointed to a sub committee.  Meetings may commence provided at least one board member is present.


Special Advisory Sub-Committees: Sub-committees created for specific short-duration tasks shall be referred to as Special Advisory sub-committees.  All Special Advisory sub-committees shall be dissolved automatically following each annual school district meeting.


Standing Sub-Committees: Sub-committees established on a long-term or permanent basis shall be referred to as Standing sub-committees.  No Standing sub-committee shall be created without a corresponding policy in this section of the policy manual describing the specific purpose and limitations of the sub-committee.


Members of Board sub-committees shall be appointed by the Chair, with the approval of the Board.  Board members may be appointed to Board sub-committees at any Board meeting, provided that item appears on the posted agenda for the meeting, and shall serve until the Board’s next Organizational Meeting or until a successor is appointed, whichever comes first.


History:           12/15/03, 10/18/21