Policies - Section 2100 » 2137 - Standing Sub-Committee on Facilities

2137 - Standing Sub-Committee on Facilities

2137 (BDE-0) Standing Sub-Committee on Facilities  2137 (BDE-0)



At least one (1) but no more than two (2) appointed Board members; Superintendent; Director of Facilities; Director of Technology; Business Administrator; and relevant personnel and community members as determined by the Committee.




  • Review current district property, buildings, facilities, infrastructure, or any proposed construction, infrastructure improvements or replacements
  • Make recommendations to the full Board regarding any near or future plans.
  • Review any proposed master plan
  • Act as a Special Advisory Committee to the Board as necessary for special projects.
  • Make recommendations for possible funding options including warrants to the full Board related to Facilities.
  • Reviews bids for Facilities and makes recommendations to full Board.
  • Develop and oversee Capital Improvement/Master Plan.
  • Contribute to the educational program by conducting studies, identifying problems, and developing recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of the decision-making process




Standing Sub-Committee - The Sub-Committee shall meet a minimum of once per quarter throughout the year or more often as determined necessary by the committee.




Board member(s) shall report activities to the School Board as appropriate.


Minimum of once per quarter, report to the Board regarding activities and/or recommendations of the sub-committee.


Committee agendas and meeting notes shall be posted in accordance with RSA 91-A to the District website.




The Sub-Committee can make no commitments on behalf of the Board unless specifically directed otherwise by the Board.




Adopted: 12/2019

Revised:  10/2021, 6/7/22