Policies - Section 2100 » 2139 - Standing Sub-Committee on Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

2139 - Standing Sub-Committee on Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

2139 (BDE-2) Standing Sub-Committee on Curriculum, 2139 (BDE-2)
Instruction, and Assessment 


At least one (1) but no more than two (2) appointed Board members, Assistant Superintendent (or Director of Curriculum and Instruction), one (1) curriculum administrator per building, up to seven (7) classroom teachers or three (3) instructional staff members, one (1) community member and two (2) parents.



  • The committee will be guided by the MSD Strategic Plan, goals related to Student Success.
  • Encourage and support a vision of academic growth and achievement toward high academic standards
  • Promote the academic goals and objectives of our District
  • Support communication and engagement with key stakeholders regarding curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Review, analyze and discuss curriculum, instruction and assessment from the school level and expand to the district level
  • Review, analyze and discuss assessment data to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs
  • Identify possible areas of changes or improvement in our programs
  • Evaluate changes or improvements in light of our Strategic Plan and resources
  • Provide a structure of accountability and quality control of curriculum, instruction and assessment on our district
  • Provide a system of continual evaluation, revision and coordination of PreK-12 curriculum
  • Review and endorse PreK-12 progression of learning (UBD Stage 1 Curriculum) for Board consideration and approval
  • Contribute to the educational program by conducting studies, identifying problems, and developing recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of the decision-making process



Standing Sub-Committee - The Sub-Committee shall meet a minimum of once per quarter throughout the year or more often as determined necessary by the committee.



Minimum of once per quarter, report to the Board regarding activities and/or recommendations of the sub-committee.


Committee agendas and meeting notes shall be posted in accordance with RSA 91-A to the District website.



The Sub-Committee can make no commitment on behalf of the Board unless specifically directed otherwise by the Board.


Reference: Milford School District Strategic Plan

Adopted:  10/18/21

Revised: 06/07/22