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Community Engagement

Our mission extends beyond our classrooms, offices, and school campuses. By continually bridging the gap between research and practice, we strive to serve as a resource for our community and become an example to other school districts for developing strong community engagement to support educational opportunities for students. 
Ways to Engage
Milford School District believes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by parents, families, schools, and the community. Creating positive home, school, and community partnerships is essential to carrying out the shared responsibility necessary to improve schools and reinforce the importance of academic achievement. There is a variety of ways families and community partners can get involved with the success of our district.  Here are some of them...
  • Be Present: Be a visible presence in your child's school and classroom. Introduce yourself to teachers, counselors and staff, and come to our PTO and other community meetings and events.  Subscribe to our calendars!
  • Study School Policies: Learn about your child’s school policies, teachers and curriculum so you have a good understanding of how you can make a positive difference.
  • Visit and Volunteer: Our schools offer numerous ways for parents to be engaged including chances to volunteer, serve on school project committees, visit a classroom or chaperone field trips.
  • Ask Questions and Advocate: Don't be afraid to ask tough, but fair questions and to advocate firmly but respectfully for your child.
  • Tell Our Teachers What’s Working: It’s not just your child who wants to hear a job is “well done”. Positive feedback is also important for your child’s teachers so they know what’s working well.  Find the teacher's email in the staff directory page of your child's school website.  Or you could simply spare us a few minutes to leave us a review at GreatSchools!
  • Connect with Technology: Websites, Emails, Social Media, and School Apps such as PowerSchool and PickUp Patrol are additional ways to stay connected with your child's school. Sign up for what works for you and use it to obtain and share useful information about your child’s progress.