Our curriculum is rigorous and aligned to New Hampshire State Standards to provide a strong foundation for success in a global community. Educational standards are the learning goals for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level.  Please see the materials below for a sampling of the skills and understandings we focus on in each learning content area.
Curriculum Review Cycle
Each year, a Curriculum Committee consisting of classroom teachers and administrators will examine the disciplines that are due for curricular review. Responsibilities during the review will be to examine the following components of each discipline area: Philosophy, Goals, Course Description, Standards and Benchmarks, Curricular Materials, Technology Integration, Assessment Results and Instructional Methods.
The Curriculum Committee will analyze and evaluate each discipline during the cyclical review. Information and input is provided by the Curriculum Advisory Committee. Recommendations for improvement in each discipline area will be made according to the six-year Curriculum Cycle and the Curriculum Review Process.
Our Curriculum Team
Chris Motika
Christopher Motika
Assistant Superintendent
Leslie Brigagliano
Leslie Whitney
Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Title 1 Coordinator
Jacques Memorial School
Dr. Heather Pelkey
Heather Pelkey
Curriculum & Title 1 Coordinator
Heron Pond Elementary School
Sharon Wilson
Sharon Wilson
Curriculum Coordinator
Milford Middle School
Ms. Traci Walsh
Traci Walsh
Assistant Principal
Milford High School
Denis Jobin
Denis Jobin
English Language Teacher