Policies - Section 1000 » 1015 - Educational Goals

1015 - Educational Goals

1015 Educational Goals 1015
  1. Education should be designed to produce confident, responsible students who
    enjoy learning.
  2. Communication between grade levels, teachers, and administrators and with the
    community should be kept open in order to facilitate the improvement of
    curriculum and instruction for the students.
  3. The School District should explore alternate methods of instruction in order to
    meet each student's needs and support this application in the development of
    services for students.
  4. Students should be given the opportunity to become sensitive and sound human
    beings, whole people emotionally, physically, and intellectually,
  5. Students should be equipped with the skills necessary to communicate
  6. Students should be prepared to participate as concerned, active citizens and
    productive members of society.
Adopted March 1989