Policies - Section 1000 » 1025 - Elementary School Educational Goals

1025 - Elementary School Educational Goals

1025 Elementary School Educational Goals 1025
  1. To develop and improve the student's basic skills in communication, i.e., reading, language, oral and written expression, spelling and handwriting, mathematics, and the social sciences.
  2. To develop the student's ability to think critically and learn to make decisions.
  3. To encourage the student to develop effective work habits and self-discipline.
  4. To promote for each student an intelligent curiosity and eagerness to pursue learning beyond the school environment.
  5. To provide each student opportunity to develop aesthetic appreciation and self-expression in the creative arts areas.
  6. To improve the student's physical and mental health through appropriate physical education and guidance programs.
  7. To develop the student's positive self-image to act with confidence and self-responsibility.
  8. To provide experiences for the student to develop the wise use of time, including constructive leisure pursuits.
  9. To develop the student's awareness and appreciation of our domestic heritage concerning civic rights and responsibilities.
  10. To promote the student's awareness, appreciation, and respect for human values and contributions of people, regardless of social, cultural, and ethnic differences.
Adopted March 1989