Policies - Section 1000 » 1035 - Middle School Education Goals

1035 - Middle School Education Goals

1035 Middle School Education Goals 1035
  1. To provide an environment and encouragement for students to adjust to the critical period of transition between elementary and high school.
  2. To provide experiences so that all students may be able to make successful choices in their school and future careers.
  3. To promote maximum individual achievement in the basic skills -- reading, oral and written expression, and mathematics.
  4. To provide each student with the opportunity to acquire an understanding and respect for persons belonging to social, cultural, and ethnic groups different from their own.
  5. To promote in each student a positive attitude toward the learning process, the goals of learning, and the continuance of education.
  6. To provide for participation in the practical and creative arts areas as a skill building experience for later life.
  7. To encourage student participation in various activities so that each may acquire an understanding and appreciation for leisure time and its utilization in adult life.
  8. To encourage each student to achieve a level of skill development commensurate with his/her ability.
  9. To develop the rational powers of the individual so that the student may think effectively and make decisions based on sound judgment.
  10. To develop in each student the ability and desire to assume responsibility for his/her own learning.
  11. To help each individual develop a positive self-image so that the student may function satisfactorily.
  12. To make provisions for the ever-changing rapid physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth of the student.
  13. To promote an understanding of one's physical self and the environment in order to be able to appreciate and respect them.
  14. To coordinate the Middle School program with the total educational program of the community.

Adopted March 1989