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1045 - High School Goals

1045 High School Goals 1045

The students will:
  1. develop personal and career goals and objectives both short and long term
  2. value individuality
  3. respect the rights of others
  4. be accountable and responsible for learning and behavior
The school will:
  1. offer courses which meet the diverse needs of the student body
  2. offer opportunities and guidance for working together as a team through classroom
    and co-curricular activities
  3. offer opportunities for developing leadership skills through classroom and co-curricular activities
  4. provide release time and budgetary support for professional development
  5. provide a variety of co-curricular activities
  6. promote community involvement
The administration and faculty will:
  1. assist students in achieving academic and behavioral expectations
  2. provide a secure and comfortable educational environment
  3. provide opportunity for integration of disciplines
  4. vary methodologies to meet the diverse learning styles of the students
  5. broaden students' development by exposure to a variety of learning and teaching
  6. provide independent and interdependent learning settings and activities
  7. develop curriculum which includes both theory and application
Adopted March 1989
Revised November 1992