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2306 - (EBBD) Indoor Air Quality & Water Quality

2306 (EBBD) Indoor Air Quality & Water Quality 2306 (EBBD)

  1. Indoor Air Quality. In order to ensure that all school buildings have adequate indoor air quality, the Board directs the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee to address methods of minimizing or eliminating emissions from buses, cars, delivery vehicles, and other motorized vehicles.  The Superintendent/designee may delegate the implementation of these methods to Director of Building and Grounds and building principals.  The Board encourages the Superintendent/designee to utilize methods and recommendations established by various State agencies.
In addition to addressing methods eliminating emissions, building principals are directed to annually investigate, and report to the Superintendent/designee, air quality in their respective school buildings using a checklist provided by the New Hampshire Department of Education.
In support of this policy, the Superintendent is authorized to establish regulations and/or administrative rules necessary to implement anti-idling and clear air measures aimed at improving indoor air quality.
  1. Water Quality and Access. The Board directs the Superintendent/designee to take measures to limit lead exposure in school drinking water and ensure compliance with RSA 485:17-a, III, and consistent with regulations and guidance of the N.H. Departments of Environmental Services and of Education.
Water stations in school buildings shall be installed in accordance with Ed Rule 321.18(h) relative to the number of drinking fountains required.
The Superintendent/designee will make recommendations to the Board for any modifications that involve expenditures greater than the amount stated in policy 2330.


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Adopted: 2/20/23