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2500 - (GCA) Professional Personnel

2500 (GCA) Professional Personnel 2500 (GCA)

A. Professional Personnel

Professional personnel are defined as those individuals who require a
license by the Department of Education, eligible for licensure and/or are
licensed by state agencies as a condition of employment per RSA 186.
Teacher means any professional employee whose position requires
certification as a professional engaged in teaching. The term teacher shall
also include principals, assistant principals, librarians, and school
counselors. In general, this refers to school administrators and those
covered by the collective bargaining agreement with the Milford Teachers’
Association, or Milford Administrative Group. The following are procedures
relative to their employment, none of which are to supersede any collective
bargaining agreement.

B. Hiring

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that appropriate hiring
practices are in place including the verification of experience levels and
credentials, verification of appropriate number of references, and the filing
of appropriate interview documentation. No teacher may be elected by the
Board unless first nominated by the Superintendent.

In accordance with RSA 189:39, the Superintendent will present to the
Board a listing of teacher nominations for the coming school year. Such
presentation will occur on or before April 15 of each school year. The
Board shall then elect teachers to be employed in the district for the coming
school year.

All new positions and vacancies in the District will be posted in accordance
with the collective bargaining agreement in effect.

C. Assignments
All assignments will be made in accordance with the collective bargaining
agreement in effect.

A teacher receives assignment from the Superintendent or
designee. No teacher shall be assigned to a position for which they are not
certified or eligible for certification unless the assigned is approved under
NH DOE rules for exceptions.

The decision to re-assign personnel, requested in writing by the individual
or others, shall rest entirely upon the mutual agreement of the Principals
involved and with the approval of the Superintendent. All considerations for
re-assignments shall be treated on an individual basis with major emphasis
placed on the implications and effects such re-assignment shall have on
the District.

D. Evaluation of Teacher Job Performance

The Superintendent/designee shall ensure that teacher performance
evaluations are completed in accordance with the collective bargaining
agreement. In the absence of a collective bargaining agreement, a written
performance evaluation will be done annually.

Per the applicable collective bargaining agreements, the Superintendent or
designee shall involve committee members in the discussion and
assessment of the evaluation process, procedures, and instruments used.
The term teacher shall also include principals, assistant principals,
librarians, and guidance counselors.

E. Staff Training

Professional employees may request attendance at workshops in
accordance with the collective bargaining agreement. An employee may, at
the discretion of the District, be required to attend specific training in order
to uphold state mandates and grow professionally.

F. Attendance/Extended Leave of Absence
Requests for a Leave of Absence will be considered by the District in
accordance with the collective bargaining agreement and/or applicable
local, state, or federal law.

Attendance is a vital component of serving students and the community.
Employees are expected to report to work as scheduled, on time, and
prepared to start working. Employees also are expected to remain at work
for their entire work schedule. Late arrival, early departure, or other
absences from scheduled hours are disruptive and must be avoided.
Attendance may be considered during personnel evaluations.

G. Reduction in Staff

The School Board is responsible for providing an annual budget that meets
the programming needs of the District’s students. Appropriate staffing is
included within that budget. When circumstances occur such as a
decrease in enrollment or termination of a particular program, the School
Board retains the right to reduce the number of teachers on the District’s

To accomplish that, the School Board shall act in accordance with the
procedures as defined within the collective bargaining agreement between
the Board and the Teachers’ Association and as applicable to RSA 189:14-

H. Voluntary Termination

Any Professional employee wishing to resign during the school year shall
provide appropriate and timely written notice to the Superintendent. Any
teacher who resigns after August 1 of the school year shall follow the
conditions in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.

For additional information see Policy 2506 Non-Renewal, Termination, and
Dismissal of Tenured Certified Staff.

Adopted: June 2007
Revised: 9/18/2023