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2600 - (GDB) Unaffiliated Personnel

2600 (GDB) Unaffiliated Personnel 2600 (GDB)

A. Unaffiliated Personnel

Unaffiliated employees include but are not limited to secretaries, technical
personnel (IT), food service workers, SAU employees, and others
excluding those as otherwise specified by a collective bargaining
agreement. The Superintendent shall develop guidelines for the conditions
of employment for Unaffiliated employees, which will be published on an
annual basis, and may be reviewed by the Board.

*Unaffliated Professional Personnel such as BCBAs are covered under
Policy 2500 (GCA)

B. Hiring

The hiring of Unaffiliated employees is the responsibility of the
Superintendent, who is authorized to offer employment in the District.
All new positions and vacancies in the District will be posted for a two-week
period unless an emergency arises that, in the District's discretion, should
be immediately filled without posting.

C. Assignments

Unaffiliated employees will be assigned to positions by the Superintendent
or designee. These assignments shall be made in the best interests of the
District. No employee will be assigned to a position for which he/she is not
qualified, unless an emergency arises for which this language shall not

D. Evaluation of Job Performance

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure an annual process for
performance evaluations. All observations of the work performance of an
employee shall be made openly.  All written evaluations of an employee will
be shown to the employee prior to being placed in the employee’s official
personnel file, and the employee shall acknowledge receipt of a copy of the
evaluation in writing.

Evaluations, whenever possible, shall be made by a supervisor prior to the
conclusion of the school year in which the employee is being evaluated.

E. Staff Training

Unaffiliated employees may request attendance at workshops or training
that are specific to improvement related to their assignment. Approval to
attend such workshops and participate in courses will be at the sole
discretion of the Superintendent or designee. An employee may, at the
discretion of the District, be required to attend specific training in order to
uphold state mandates and grow professionally.

F. Attendance/Extended Leave of Absence

Requests for an Extended Leave of Absence will be considered by the
Superintendent. To the extent possible, requests for Leave of Absence
(non-FMLA related) should be made prior to March 1. Approval of such
requests will be determined on the merits of the leave on an individual
basis. Extended leaves of absence will be dependent upon being able to
find and employ a suitable replacement for the duration of the leave.

Attendance is a vital component of serving students and the community.
Employees are expected to report to work as scheduled, on time, and
prepared to start working. Employees also are expected to remain at work
for their entire work schedule. Late arrival, early departure, or other
absences from scheduled hours are disruptive and must be avoided.
Attendance may be considered during personnel evaluations.
G. Reduction in Staff

The School Board is responsible for providing an annual budget that meets
the programming needs of the District’s students. Appropriate staffing is
included within that budget. When circumstances occur such as a decrease
in enrollment or termination of a particular program, the District retains the
right to reduce the number of At-Will Unaffiliated employee from the
District’s staff. The provisions of this policy shall not supersede any rights
afforded to a staff member as specified in an individual contract of

H. Suspension/Termination of Employment

If at any time during the employment of a non-certified unaffiliated
employee, there is an indication that the employee is not carrying out their
duties as assigned, the employee may be suspended from that duty
immediately, and further action, including dismissal, may be recommended
by the Superintendent.


The Superintendent may suspend a non-certified unaffiliated employee at
any time when deemed necessary.


Non-certified unaffiliated personnel may have their employment terminated
at any time pursuant to the dismissal terms of that employee's employment
contract, for violation of school policy, for violation of any law, or for other
matters deemed appropriate by the Superintendent.    Non-certified
unaffiliated employees are not entitled to a hearing before the board unless
that right is expressly granted in the employee's employment contract.    If
such an employee is entitled to a hearing, the hearing will be conducted in
accordance with the procedures set forth in Department of Education Rule

Voluntary Termination

Upon retirement or resignation, non-certified unaffiliated personnel will give
the immediate supervisor written notice of resignation at least two (2)
weeks in advance of the effective date of voluntary termination. This
requirement may be waived by the Superintendent upon request for
justifiable reasons.

Revised: August 2001, June 2007, September 2023