Policies - Section 3000 » 3030 (KEC) - Controversial Issues and Reconsideration of Library Media and Instructional Materials

3030 (KEC) - Controversial Issues and Reconsideration of Library Media and Instructional Materials

3030 (KEC) Controversial Issues 3030 (KEC)
and Reconsideration of Library Media
and Instructional Materials

The Board recognizes that the principles of the freedom to read, inquire, and explore a variety of books and instructional materials, as well as the professional responsibilities of the staff, must be honored.  Additionally, it is the very essence of the democratic process that students be provided appropriate opportunities to investigate, research, and discuss controversial issues.  Studying such issues prepares students to be engaged citizens in a globalized society.  The Board also recognizes that there may be specific books or instructional materials, which some parents/legal guardians find objectionable.  

A parent/legal guardian who is not in agreement with the school on its selection of books or other instructional material and who wish a particular book or instructional material to be reviewed must submit to the Principal a "Request for Reconsideration of Library Media and Instructional Materials” form.  The form is available at the school office or District website.  

During the review, the instructional material will remain in use until a final decision is made. Where applicable, materials considered objectionable may be replaced by alternative materials specifically for the child(ren) of the parent/legal guardian who objects to the book or instructional material in question.  Such materials should be mutually agreed upon by the Principal and the parent/legal guardian, so long as those materials are considered sufficient to enable the child to meet state requirements.  

School District staff will make reasonable efforts, within the scope of existing time, schedules, resources and other duties, to accommodate alternative material for the student. Any cost associated with the alternative instruction shall be borne by the parent/legal guardian.  

The Principal, upon receipt of a request, will acknowledge receipt to the parent/legal guardian requesting reconsideration and list anticipated steps to be taken. The Principal will create a Reconsideration Committee and schedule meetings necessary to review the request and to provide the person requesting reconsideration an opportunity to present their case.  The Reconsideration Committee shall be formed, and a tentative meeting schedule developed, within ten (10) business days.  The Reconsideration Committee shall have forty-five (45) calendar days to read, research, and discuss the material in question.  Upon completion of necessary meetings, a report will be provided to all participants, including the Superintendent of Schools and the School Board.  The report shall be completed and disseminated no later than five (5) business days after the final Committee meeting.  The report will consist of: the reason for the request, professional reviews of the material/content being challenged, and the Reconsideration Committee’s decision to retain or remove the material or content being challenged.

If the parent/legal guardian requesting reconsideration is dissatisfied, they may submit a request to the Superintendent of Schools for action within five (5) business days after receiving the Reconsideration Committee’s report.  The Superintendent of Schools will have up to thirty (30) calendar days to respond to the parent/legal guardian requesting reconsideration of a book or material based upon parent complaint and determination of committee.  If the parent/guardian requesting reconsideration does not accept the Superintendent's decision, they shall have five (5) business days to request a review by the School Board, who will review the request and make a determination within thirty (30) calendar days at a Board meeting.  Notwithstanding any procedure outlined in this policy, the parent/legal guardian shall have the right to appeal any decision of the Superintendent to the School Board as a final review panel. Any book or instructional material may not be challenged a second time within a three year period, following the closure of the initial complaint.  

In the event that the Reconsideration Committee presents a report which agrees to remove a resource as the result of a challenge, the report explaining the basis for the decision shall be treated as a recommendation and forwarded to the Superintendent and School Board for review.  Upon review of the report, the Superintendent and the School Board may request that the Principal create a new Reconsideration Committee to engage in a second review of the request for the limited purpose of determining whether the first Reconsideration Committee’s decision was reasonable and lawful. The new Reconsideration Committee shall consult with legal counsel.  This process will follow the same timeline as the initial committee.

In accordance with the Federal Protection of Pupil Rights statute, as a School District that receives federal Department of Education funds, the Superintendent shall develop procedures to allow the parent/legal guardian of a student to inspect any book or instructional material used as a part of the educational curriculum for the student. The procedures will provide reasonable access to instructional materials within a reasonable period of time after the request is received.  
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Adopted: 5/1975
Revised: 3/1989, 2/1994, 6/2008, 11/7/2022
Reconsideration Procedure and Forms