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3529 (IK) - Earning of High School Credit

3529 (IK)   Earning of High School Credit    3529 (IK)
A. Demonstration of Mastery

Students can earn course credit by demonstrating mastery of the required coursework
and material. Mastery is defined as the consistent demonstration of competence over
time in a content area.

Student assessment of mastery outside of normal classwork is the responsibility of the
building Principal.

Credit will be awarded upon satisfactory demonstration and mastery of the required
course competencies regardless of seat time.

B. Transfer Credits from Other Approved Schools

Students can receive credits toward graduation for courses from another approved
school subject to this Section.

1. Awarding of Credit for Similar Courses from an Approved School. The building
Principal shall grant credit for any similar courses or programs that have been
satisfactorily completed at any other approved schools. For the purposes of this
paragraph, when reviewing the issue of whether a course or program is “similar”, the
Principal shall consider District course descriptions and curricula, course syllabi,
District and graduation competencies per Board policy 3531, and any other relevant
information provided by the parent/guardian of the transferring student, and/or the
approved school at issue.

Approved schools include New Hampshire public schools, charter schools, public
academies, institutions of higher learning, approved public or private tuition program
schools, and all schools in Vermont and Maine that are members of an interstate
school district with schools in New Hampshire.

2. Denial of Award Credit for Courses from Another School

The building Principal will provide a timely and written notification of denial to award
credit. The written denial shall include a justification for denial, including discussion
of criteria set out in paragraph B.1 and any other factors that support the Principal’s

Upon written request by the parent/guardian, such denial can be submitted for
review to the Superintendent, who may override or modify the Principal’s denial.
Any further review shall be subject to the provisions of Board policy 2127 (BAAA).
Adopted: July 17, 2023

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