Policies - Section 3500 » 3551 (JJJ-R) - Administrative Regulations For Access to Public School Programs by Nonpublic Charter School and Home Educated Pupils

3551 (JJJ-R) - Administrative Regulations For Access to Public School Programs by Nonpublic Charter School and Home Educated Pupils

3551 (JJJ-R) Administrative Regulations For Access to Public School 3551 (JJJ-R)
Programs by Nonpublic School, Charter School and Home-Educated Pupils

In accordance with policies JJJ (3551 – Access to Public School Programs by Nonpublic School,
Charter School and Home-Educated Pupils) and IHBG (3550 – Home Education Instruction),
students who withdraw from the Milford School District to attend a nonpublic school, a charter
school, or a home education program may have access to District programs and resources, so
long as they continue to reside in the Milford School District boundaries. To ensure proper
record keeping of District resources and equipment, the following administrative procedures shall
be followed:

A. Withdrawal from School District. Upon withdrawal from the Milford School District, families
are responsible for settling lunch accounts and any outstanding fees (which may include, but is
not limited to, text books, library books, lost/damaged Chromebooks, etc...). All District
property shall be returned to the school at the time of withdrawal.

B. Participation in Curricular Courses. The following additional criteria and conditions are

1. Transportation to and from school is only provided when the transportation falls within
the ordinary school bus schedule or is otherwise required under state law. The Principal
may make an exception to this condition based on a review of all pertinent circumstances.

2. All pupils participating in curricular courses are expected to maintain punctual attendance
and complete all required coursework, homework, exams, etc., as established by the
teacher or instructor for all students.

3. If the pupil is taking the course for credit or grade, such credit or grade will be granted
only after the completion of the class.

4. Requests for participation that are received after class schedules have been made will be
granted only if there is space available.

C. Participation in Co/Extra-Curricular Activities. Requests by non-district students for
participation in co/extra-curricular activities shall be made in writing by the parent/guardian to
the building Principal. Co/extra-curricular activities include, but are not necessarily limited to
field trips, excursions, athletics (including intramurals), band, chorus, clubs, organizations,
school dances, and others. See Board policy JJJ regarding school activities, organizations, and

The following criteria and conditions are hereby established:

1. The parent/guardian must provide prior written permission for participation.

2. The participating pupil agrees to abide by all Board policies relative to student code
of conduct and eligibility.

3. Participation in the activity is developmentally appropriate for the pupil.

4. The building Principal, advisor, coach may ask the parent/guardian to chaperone an
event if the same applies to parent/guardians of enrolled students.


5. Coaches, teachers and group/club supervisors may establish their own rules relative
to participation, attendance, and expectations, provided such rules are not contrary to
these regulations corresponding policy JJJ. Participating non-district students are
expected to abide by those rules as well.

6. Home educated or other non-district school students may be required to provide proof
of a recent physical examination from their physician for participation in athletic
activities, consistent with other Board policies relative to athletic participation.

D. Access to District Technology and Resources.  A non-enrolled district student may request
access to technology and other resources for co/extra-curricular activities. Requests shall be
made to the building principal. All district owned technology and resources should be used
under the same conditions and rules as pupils enrolled in the district, including the Acceptable
Computer, Network and Internet Use Policy – 2295.