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3555 Homework

3555 Homework 3555

The term homework refers to an assignment from a teacher to students that is a logical extension of classroom curricula and is designed to be completed outside of class time.  Homework can include a variety of learning activities such as research, lesson application, practice, and enrichment.

In general:
    1. Assignment expectations shall be clearly presented, so as to be understood by students.
    2. Assignments shall be meaningful and purposeful.
    3. Time requirements for daily homework assignments shall be consistent and appropriate to the age and abilities of the students.
    4. Daily homework shall not require students to have to access materials not readily available in most homes, school libraries, or public libraries.
    5. Homework completion expectations shall be reasonable and teachers shall ensure reasonable make-up procedures for legitimate personal circumstances of students.
    6. Teachers shall ensure an appropriate value of homework in relation to the grading system.
    7. Homework shall not be assigned for disciplinary purposes.
Detailed homework guidelines may be developed at the building levels in order to further address particular abilities and needs of students at each level. The Building Principal shall ensure that homework guidelines shall be clearly communicated to parents.

Adopted: 12/06