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6010 - (EBCA) Crisis Prevention & Emergency Operations Plans

6010  (EBCA) Crisis Prevention & Emergency Operations Plans (EBCA) 6010
The Board recognizes that schools are subject to a number of potentially dangerous events,
such as natural disasters, industrial accidents, acts of terrorism, and other violent events. 
No school is immune from these events no matter the size or location.  The Board is
committed to the prevention of these events, to the extent possible, in the schools and at
school-sponsored activities.

A. Site-specific Emergency Operations Plan (RSA 189:64).
Each school shall develop a site-specific school emergency operations plan (“EOP”) based
on and conforming with the Incident Command System and the National Incident
Management System and pursuant to RSA 189:64.

Each Emergency Operations Plan will address hazards as including, but not limited to:
acts of violence, threats, natural disasters, fire, hazardous materials, medical
emergencies, and other hazards deemed necessary by the School Board,
Superintendent or Designee, or local emergency authorities.

School building principals, or their designee, shall annually review their site-specific
EOP and submit updated plans (or report of no changes) to the Superintendent for
review by October 1.

If, after such review, the plan remains unchanged, then the Superintendent/Principal
shall notify the New Hampshire Department of Safety by October 15 that the plan is
unchanged. If an Emergency Operations Plan is updated/revised, the
Superintendent/Principal shall submit the updated Emergency Operations Plan to the
Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management of the Department of
Safety by October 15.

B. District-wide Crisis Prevention and Response Plan.

The Superintendent, in consultation with appropriate personnel, and in coordination with
local emergency authorities, shall develop a District-wide Crisis Prevention and
Response Plan (the “District Crisis Plan”). The District Crisis Plan shall serve as a
compilation of each site-specific Emergency Operations Plan for each District school
and shall include the current Sports Injury Emergency Action Plan as required under
Board policy {5017} JLCJA and RSA 200:40-c.

The District-wide Crisis Plan will include provisions addressing coordination of crisis
prevention and responses between and among the different schools, grounds, school
buses, and other facilities of the District.

The District Crisis Plan shall be updated and provided to the Board for review by
October 15 each year (i.e., after the site-specific EOP’s are submitted to the state).

C. Coordination.
The Superintendent will establish a relationship with local and state
emergency services (e.g., police, fire, ambulance, etc.). Unless otherwise provided in a
site-specific EOP, the District-wide Crisis Prevention and Response Plan or the District
Communication Plan, the Superintendent, or his/her designee, will serve as the
coordinator/liaison with these authorities. Additionally, the Superintendent should
designate personnel to explore the availability of any training or support provided by the
New Hampshire Departments of Education and/or Safety associated with risk
assessment, crisis management, and other matters related to this policy.
First reading: April 17, 2023, May 1, 2023
Second reading: June 19, 2023

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Related Policies: ADD, EB, EBCD, EG, JICK & JLCJA
Adopted: 11/1970
Revised: 11/1992, 9/2005, 6/2009, 6/2023