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Information for Homeless Families


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Homelessness Awareness Information for Parents and Youth


Milford School District Homeless Liaison:

Santina Thibedeau
Director of Special Services
(603) 673-6709
[email protected]

The McKinney-Vento Act defines homeless children and youth as individuals lacking a fixed, regular, AND adequate nighttime residence.
This definition includes students:
  • Sharing housing with friends, relatives, etc. due to loss of housing, natural disaster, hardship, etc.
  • Living in a motel, trailer park, or campground due to a lack of alternative accommodations
  • Living on the street or somewhere not designed for human occupation
  • In shelters or substandard housing
  • In an above situation and not in the custody of an adult guardian
Rights these students have:
  • Immediate enrollment, regardless of documentation, immunizations, etc.
  • Transportation to their school of origin (consistency in education)
  • Automatic eligibility for free/reduced lunch
  • Comparable education to all other students
What schools can do:
  • Help connect students with available resources
  • Contact your local school district liaison or M-V contact
Find more information at: 
The following links contain many resources and information available to students and families who are in transition or a homeless situation. 

Town of Milford – Welfare Referral Information
The link address is:

National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY)

New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE)

National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE)

National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH)

National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP)

National Network for Youth (NN4Y)

US Homeless Resources & Sleep Accommodations