Invite Subscribers

Invite parents and students to follow you!
People who subscribe to your personal pages and/or class pages receive an email each day when you make an update. They will only receive updates for the classes and pages they are subscribed to.

For example, a parent subscribed to your personal pages will receive an email update when you add a post to your personal page. A parent subscribed to your math class will receive an email update about new math assignments. If the parent is subscribed to both your personal pages and your math class, they will receive an email update that includes both the post to your personal page and the new math assignment.
Subscribe button
Have people find and click on your name in the Staff Directory on the school's website or simply share your link to your class.  Then instruct them to click the "Subscribe" button.  They will be prompted to enter some information about themselves, such as their name and email, before subscribing.
Once subscribed, they will receive an email each time you update your personal page(s).