Joint Loss Management Committee

The Milford School District has a Joint Loss Management (Safety) Committee responsible for quarterly meetings to inspect school facilities for employee safety concerns.  This Committee consists of  membership from both employee & employer representatives.

Milford School District
Joint Loss Safety Committee
March 15, 2022 to March 15, 2023

Micah Klayman, SAU - Director of Human Resources - Committee Chair
Paul Christensen, Milford High School - Director of Guidance -  Committee Vice Chair
Stephen Erdody, Milford Middle School -Teacher - Secretary
Irene Soucy, SAU - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Jane Fortson, Business Administrator 
William Cooper, SAU - Facilities Director
Colleen Hackett, Milford Middle School - Assistant Principal
Carla Kellett, Heron Pond - Paraprofessional
Christopher Saunders, Heron Pond - Principal
Sara Straw, Jacques Memorial - Teacher
Robin Maloney, Bales - Teacher
Barbara Waris, Heron Pond/Milford Middle School - Teacher
Sue Dube, Milford High School - Kitchen Staff
Kate Emerson, Milford High School - Teacher
Stacey McQueeney, Jacques Memorial - Teacher
Joint Loss Safety Committee Minutes: