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The Class of 1968

Class of 1968
1968 Seniors (See photos below): Jay Welch and Mary Mitiguy; (Girls photo) from left to right: Carolyn Barret, Marjorie Kendall, Jayma Welch, Mary Jane Ulricson, Deborah Pelchat, Dorothy Currier; (Boys photo):  James Dreyer, Michael Murphy, Bryce Mochrie, Ernest Bjork
1968 Senior Class Officers
Senior Class of 1968 Officers: Mary Miles (Secretary), John Whatmore (Treasurer), Gary Stitham (Vice President), and Neil Sandford (President) with teachers Mrs. Marion Young. Miss Sarah Byrne, Mr. Bernard Raiche, Mr. Carl Wheeler, and Mr. John Temple, Jr.  
Jan and Mary
Jayma Welch & Mary Mitiguy
1967-1968 Student Council
President and Vice President
1968 Senior Girls  
  1968 Seniors
This is the Class of 1968 who have pursued their passions, career and family life. We celebrate their lifelong achievements and continue to honor them as an exemplar of our Milford Schools Community.
Where Are They Now?
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Betty (Marshall) Conti
M.Ed, LD Specialist, SAIF. Retired teacher.