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The Class of 1985

1978 Seniors
1985 Seniors Front row from left to right:  David Elsemore, Tom Soucy, Tony Riccio, Carl Roebuck, Todd Davis; Second Row:  Deena Gangloff, DeeDee Holden, Thea Warner, Laurie Piper
  1985 Senior Class Officers
Senior Class of 1985 Officers: Deena Gangloff (President), Erin McGuiness (Vice President), Amy Momenee (Secretary), and John Turner (Treasurer)
1985 Seniors      1985 Seniors   1985 Senior Class
This is the Class of 1985 who have pursued their passions, career and family life. We celebrate their lifelong achievements and continue to honor them as an exemplar of our Milford Schools Community.
Where Are They Now?
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David Elsemore
Biotechnology scientist.
Laura Stotz
Financial Advisor.