Quick Guide to Edlio

Welcome to Edlio!  Computer Edlio
Our school website is essential in creating a unified, active, and more informed school community.  It keeps communication open and shows we have a genuine interest in bridging the gap with parents whose children attend in our schools. 
Whether you are conducting classes virtually or in person, these tips are put together for your own use.  Here are some ideas on what you can add to your existing page:
1. Class Calendar
2. Relevant links for students to learn more about content. 
3. Links that make your subject more fun.
4. Contact Information 
5. Materials - Anything important that you hand out in class can be posted online.
6. Class Rules and Guidelines - In this section, you can explain what materials your students need for your class and any other consistent information that students need to be successful in your class.
7. Homework - Posting of assignments helps to keep students on track. This section can also offer students help with any assignments. This section can also be a depository for what students need to accomplish and a reminder of what needs to be done.
8. Biography - Tell students about your academic and professional background. You can also include interests, accomplishments, etc.
9. Course Description - Explain what students will be learning, goals, objectives, procedures that will be used in teaching and learning, timelines, etc.
10. Your Most Favorite Sites - Share the educational sites or student-centered sites that you visit the most.
11. Information for Parents - This is information you want parents to know that can help you to achieve educational goals. It is a great way to get parents actively involved in a partnership role.
12. Announcements/Events - This is an efficient method of communicating anything that needs to be publicized.
13. Links to State or National Curriculum - This can supply curriculum information to parents. It also helps in developing credibility as a professional. Another important benefit is that you have this information available to you at any given time.