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Account access

Each user account can be granted individualized access to the features in Edlio. That means you only have to think about the parts of the website that are your responsibility. It also means that some of what you find here in this Quick Guide may not be relevant to your needs.  If you need further help using Edlio, please put in an IT Support request.
Logging in
Important Notes:
  • Because Gmail can sometimes mistakenly send emails you're expecting to receive to the Spam folder, please add the Edlio Support email address to your contact list so you can receive messages coming from the school website system:
  • Next thing - be sure you are on the website where you are listed.  
  1. The login area is at the bottom right of the landing page.  Click "Login".
Log in
  1. On the next screen, click "Create or Reset Password" and type in your email address.  The system will automatically send you further instructions at the email address associated with your account.
  1. Go to your inbox and click the link that the system sent you.  Create your own password and you're all set to log in.
Passwords used to log into your school's website must meet the following criteria:
  • Be at least 12 characters
  • Include at least one number
  • Include at least one symbol
  • Include at least one uppercase letter
  • Not contain your name, username, or school name
  • Not be a commonly used password or a dictionary word