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2110 - (BBB) School Board Membership

2110 (BBB) School Board Membership 2110 (BBB)

The Board shall consist of five members, elected by the voters of the District at the annual elections held in March. Restrictions on Board membership are found in RSA 671:18.

The term of office of each Board position shall be three years.

If a Board member finds it necessary to resign his or her position, a letter of resignation shall be sent to the Chair, with copies to the Superintendent and the School District Clerk.

A Board member shall not be removed from office by either the voters or the Board itself, except as provided in RSA 42:1-a (disclosure of confidential information) or RSA 32:12 (violations of the Municipal Budget Law).
Whenever a vacancy shall occur, the remaining members shall appoint a successor to serve until the next school district elections, in accordance with RSA 197:26. Until such time as a successor is appointed, the remaining
members shall constitute the Entire Board.

Additionally, pursuant to RSA 189:1-c, the School Board shall have one non-voting student member from Milford High School. Elections for such student board member shall be held in accordance RSA 194:23-f, and with the provisions of Board policy {2117} BBBF.
Reference: RSA 32:12, 42:1-a, 197:26, 671:18, RSA 189:1-c, RSA 194:23-f,

History: 12/15/03
Revised: 10/17/2022