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2122 - School Board Powers and Duties

2122 School Board Powers and Duties 2122

The specific, required duties of school boards are delimited in Ed 303.01. Generally, however, the duties of the Board are as follows:
  • Adopting district policies governing school and district operations and evaluating the execution and effect of these policies through observations, special oversight studies, and/or periodic reports by administrators.
  • Recruiting, hiring, and evaluating the performance of the Superintendent, who will carry out the policies developed by the board and maintaining effective board-superintendent relations.
  • Establishing, implementing, and evaluating the current and long-range facilities and educational plans and programs for the district.
  • Approving an annual budget to provide the financial basis for the buildings, furnishings, staff, materials, and equipment needed to carry out educational programs.
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with staff, students, and members of the community at large.
  • Determining strategy and tactics with respect to collective bargaining agreements and ratifying final agreements.
  • Setting strategy and coordinating litigation decisions when the school district is involved in a law suit.
  • Hearing appeals from staff members or students on issues involving policy implementation.
Reference: CAR Ed. 303.01
History: 2/73, 6/75, 3/89, 12/15/03