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2124 - Board-Superintendent Relationship

2124 Board-Superintendent Relationship 2124

The development of policies is a primary function of the Board and the execution of those policies is a primary function of the Superintendent. Although legally authorized to execute policy, the Board delegates this function to the Superintendent of Schools. Delegation by the Board of its executive powers to the Superintendent provides freedom for the Superintendent to manage the schools within the Board’s policies and frees the Board to devote its time to policy-making and appraisal functions.

The Superintendent is responsible for the administration of Board policies, the execution of Board decisions, the operation of school programs, keeping the Board informed about school operations and issues, and for satisfactory fulfillment of the duties required by statute and rules of the State Board of Education.

The Board will:
  • Give the Superintendent full administrative authority for properly discharging his/her professional duties, holding him/her responsible for acceptable results.
  • Act upon matters of employment or dismissal of school personnel only on the recommendation of the Superintendent.
  • Except those portions of meetings where his/her employment, contract, or salary are under consideration, allow the Superintendent or his/her designee to be present and sit with the Board at all Board meetings, and participate in the discussion of all motions.
  • Refer all complaints to the Superintendent, or the appropriate staff member, and discuss such complaints only at a Board meeting, when required.
History: 12/15/03