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2125 - Superintendent Evaluation and Goal Setting


The Board will annually evaluate the Superintendent based on written criteria as established by the Board. Along with the Superintendent evaluation, the Board and Superintendent will jointly establish annual goals and objectives. The Board believes that establishing annual the following year's goals and objectives will serve as a benchmark and criteria for the Superintendent’s annual evaluation.

The Superintendent is responsible for the services described in applicable statutes and Department of Education rules. In addition to and related to those responsibilities, the following areas are representative of those in which objectives may be set and progress appraised:
  1. Fiscal management
  2. Curriculum
  3. Pupil achievement and assessment
  4. Delivery of instruction
  5. Relationship with the School Board
  6. Administration of educational services
  7. Administration of school facilities
  8. Governance of students
  9. Hiring and supervision of school district staff
  10. Overall leadership on educational issues 
  11. Policy Implementation
The Board may choose not to annually evaluate and review every area listed above.

The Board desires that the annual Superintendent evaluation and goal setting will clarify the Superintendent’s role within the school community, address areas for the Superintendent to improve, and address areas for which the Superintendent should be commended.

See Appendix: CBI-R

Legal References:
N.H. Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 303.01(k), Substantive Duties of School Boards, Superintendent Evaluation
Adopted: June 7, 2022