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2158 - Non-Public Session

2158 Non-Public Session 2158

The School Board reserves the right to meet in non-public session closed to the public and media for any of the purposes set out in RSA 91-A:3 when a majority of the members present and voting so vote (recorded roll call vote required).

The Board may entertain a motion to hold a non-public session only to discuss and/or act upon matters permitted by RSA 91-A:3, such matters typically involving personnel, students, real estate, or litigation issues. The motion calling for a non-public session shall indicate the matters to be discussed and/or acted upon and the specific statutory reference for each matter.

The Board shall record minutes of all non-public sessions. Non-public session minutes will be made publicly available within 72 hours of the non-public session, unless the Board votes to seal the minutes. The Board may seal minutes of a non-public session only by a two-thirds vote. The Board will only vote to seal minutes of non-public sessions if divulging such information would:
  1. Adversely affect the reputation of a person other than a member of the Board;
  2. Render a proposed board action ineffective; or
  3. Thwart safety considerations pertaining to safety, security, terrorism or other emergency functions of the Board.
The items so sealed shall remain sealed until a majority of the Entire Board determines that the circumstances leading to the sealing no longer apply.

Board members and any persons attending a non-public session shall not disclose any details of the discussions held. Disclosure of such information by a Board member could result in the removal of that Board member from office.

Reference: RSA 91-A:3, 91-A:4, 42:1, 42:1-a
Revised: 2/73, 6/75, 9/78, 3/89, 6/95, 11/16/98, 9/13/99, 8/20/01, 12/15/03,