Policies - Section 3500 » 3575 - (KE) Public Complaints Involving Non-Personnel Matters

3575 - (KE) Public Complaints Involving Non-Personnel Matters

3575 (KE) Public Complaints Involving Non-Personnel Matters 3575 (KE)

The Milford School Board believes that complaints and grievances are best handled and resolved
by the parties directly concerned. Any complaint presented to The Milford School Board about
non personnel matters such as instruction, discipline, learning materials, or school operations
shall be referred back through proper administrative channels and handled in compliance with
applicable language as noted in relevant Collective Bargaining Agreements. Parental objections
to specific course material will be handled in accordance with policies 3030 (KEC) (Controversial
Issues and Reconsideration of Library Media and Instructional Materials) and 3525 (IHAM)
(Health/Physical Education & Exemption from Instruction). The Milford School Board may choose
to not to hear complaints from individuals until such complaints have first been brought forth
through the appropriate administrative procedures. The proper channel will usually be as follows:

1. Teacher

2. Principal

3. Superintendent of Schools or Designee

4. School Board

If a complaint is made to an individual Board member, the procedure will be handled as follows:
  1. The person is referred to the (appropriate) party as noted above.
  2. If the person will not personally present the complaint to the appropriate party the Board
    member will then ask that the complaint be written and signed. The Board member will
    then give the written statement to the Superintendent who will forward it to the
    appropriate party as noted above.
  3. If the person making the complaint believes that the reply is not satisfactory after all of the
    proper channels have been followed the Milford School Board will hear the complaint. At their
    next meeting, the Board, will schedule a hearing within 15 calendar days, and will hear the
  4. Upon hearing the complaint, any decision by the Milford School Board shall be final.
Consistent with RSA 91-A:3 and the laws pertaining to privacy rights, the Board will not place any
matter on the public meeting agenda that is to be properly discussed in a non-public session.

Public complaints about school personnel, employees, students or administrators shall be
handled in accordance with Milford School Board Policy 2422 (KEB).

Exceptions to this provision are for complaints that relate solely to the Milford School Board
actions or Milford School Board operations.

Adopted: 12/2015
Revised: 2/19/2024