Policies - Section 5000 » 5010 - Use of Video Surveillance on School Property

5010 - Use of Video Surveillance on School Property

5010 Use of Video Surveillance on School Property 5010

The School Board authorizes the use of video surveillance equipment on District property in order to ensure the safety and welfare of all students, staff, and visitors on District property and to safeguard District facilities, grounds, and equipment. The Superintendent/designee will approve appropriate locations for surveillance equipment, though such devices are not to be placed, under any circumstances, in bathrooms and locker rooms.

Signs shall be posted in school buildings to provide notice that cameras may be in use. Parents and students may also be notified through student/parent handbooks. Students will be held responsible for violations of school rules should they be recorded on surveillance cameras. Recordings containing evidence of a violation of school rules and/or state or federal law shall be retained until the issue of the misconduct is no longer subject to review or appeal as determined by the Superintendent/designee. In cases where violations are being investigated, the following may review the recordings after being expressly authorized by the Superintendent/designee:


Business Administrator

Building Administrator

Director of Buildings and Grounds

Law Enforcement Officers


In the event the recording is used as part of a disciplinary proceeding, such recording may become part of a student’s educational record. Should the parents/guardians wish to view the recording as part of a subsequent disciplinary hearing, the Superintendent/designee shall take steps to ensure that the privacy rights of others, whether involved in the disciplinary incident or not, are protected.

In general, the District shall retain video recordings until they are erased either through routine deletion or by copying over with a new recording.

RSA 570-A:2
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Adopted: 6/2011