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5030 - Student Records

5030 Student Records 5030
Complete and accurate records of student's attendance and scholarship shall be permanently
maintained by the District in paper copy in fire resistant files, vaults, or safes, and/or stored
electronically. A schedule for the retention and disposition of original records and information
shall be established. Access to all students’ records and information shall be governed by
written procedures designed to protect individual rights and to preserve the confidential nature
of various types of records.

Examples of records to be maintained include:

1. Birth Certificate: A birth certificate or other legal evidence of birth is required of all
children not previously enrolled in the public schools.

2. Record from previous school: Pupils entering from other schools should present
evidence of attendance, grade placement, and academic achievement in the previous
3. Attendance Records: Daily attendance records are kept in the register provided.
4. Individual Pupil File: Individual files for each pupil are maintained and are kept
5. Withdrawal or Transfer Records: Withdrawal or transfer of any pupil is recorded in the
6. Special Education Records: An LEA shall not destroy a student’s special education
records prior to the students 25th birthday, except with prior written consent of the parent,
or where applicable, the adult student, pursuant to 34 CFR 300.624(b). The LEA must
maintain a copy of the last IEP that was in effect prior to the student’s exit from special
education until the student’s 60th birthday. An LEA shall provide a parent or adult student
a written notice of its document destruction policies upon the student’s graduation with a
regular high school diploma or at the transfer of rights or whichever occurs first.

All other information contained in students’ records shall be considered confidential and shall
be released only to parents and students eighteen years of age or older. Data may also be
released to authorized individuals, organizations and agencies provided the data is collected in
a way that prevents the disclosure of personally identifiable information.

The rights of parents and students who are eighteen years of age or older regarding access to
student records are defined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Ref: RSA 91-A:5, III

Adopted: 2/1973
Revised: 6/1975, 6/1995, 5/1998, 3/2009, 1/2018