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5050 - Student Release Precautions

5050 Student Release Precautions 5050
All school personnel are to be instructed to refuse requests for students to leave the school grounds once they have come to the school or have been deposited there from the school buses or other vehicles. Students shall not leave the school grounds from the time they arrive until the time of their departure for home except as follows:

Permission for schools or grade levels has been granted by the Superintendent/designee.

Permission has been granted by the parents/guardians and approved by the Principal/designee, unless the student is eighteen years or older.

Any student being released during the school day must be released through the school office when he/she leaves and must report to the office when he/she returns, except that students who are ill may also be released through the Nurse's office.

Students traveling on school buses to school-sponsored activities will return from the activity on the bus unless released to their parents/guardians, or authorized in writing by their parents or guardians to travel home with someone else.

Adopted: 9/1971
Revised: 3/2009