Policies - Section 5000 » 5065 - (JEBA) Early Admission to Kindergarten or Grade One (JEBA)

5065 - (JEBA) Early Admission to Kindergarten or Grade One (JEBA)

5065 (JEBA) Early Admission to Kindergarten or Grade One 5065 (JEBA)
RSA 193:1 requires children who are six years old on or before September 30, to attend school. Under Board Policy, any child whose sixth birthday after September 30 and prior to October 31 may be eligible for first grade entrance.

Similarly, a child whose fifth birthday falls after September 30 and prior to October 31 may be eligible for kindergarten entrance.

All early admissions will be determined based on skills and maturity level indicating readiness for kindergarten or first grade, respectively, as determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Parent(s)/legal guardian(s) shall provide a written request for early admission for a child to the School Principal by May 1 of the preceding school year. The request shall describe reasons the parent/legal guardian believe early admission into the requested grade level will benefit the child. A response to each request will be provided by the School Principal advising the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the time, date, and place of where a readiness assessment will take place. Parents applying after May 1 shall first direct their request to the Superintendent of Schools who will act upon the request.

Each child will be administered a school readiness assessment by Milford School District personnel, in order to evaluate the child based on their cognitive, social, physical, and language development. Any cost associated with any other assessment will be paid by the parent(s) or guardian(s).

In addition to the school readiness assessment, the evaluation may include but not be limited to: preschool/kindergarten observation conducted by school personnel, speech/ language screening, preschool/kindergarten teacher’s recommendation, an academic assessment, and input from parent(s)/legal guardian(s). The final decision for early entry will rest with the Superintendent of Schools following a recommendation from the School Principal. This decision will be made and communicated to parents/guardians within sixty (60) calendar days.
The Superintendent shall have sole discretion to determine the nature of the information used in the assessment (i.e., records, documents, interviews, etc.). In making his/her decision, the Superintendent shall also consider such factors as class size, resources, etc. The Superintendent’s decision whether to allow early admittance shall be final, and is not subject to review or appeal to the Board or otherwise.

Any child who is moving to Milford prior to the start of school, is eligible for an assessment of early admission if the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) submits a written request to the Superintendent of Schools. The request must be supplemented by any written evidence available attesting to the child’s developmental and academic readiness and be supported by recommendations from the child’s previous placement (i.e. - school or day care facility). If the transfer occurs in January or thereafter, the child will continue in the same grade.
Children who complete Kindergarten as early admission students do not need to apply for early admission to first grade the following year.
Any placements are tentative and subject to reassignment by the Superintendent/ designee.

Adopted: 5/2000
Revised: 2/2005, 4/2009, 1/2013, 11/21/2022