Policies - Section 5000 » 5085 - Public Solicitations in the Schools

5085 - Public Solicitations in the Schools

5085 Public Solicitations in the Schools 5085
As a general policy there will be no solicitation within the schools for any purpose whatsoever. No commercial enterprise may be represented in the schools and there will be no sale of goods or services on the premises.

Requests for the exceptions to this rule must be submitted to the Superintendent/designee prior to implementation of the requested activity.

The Superintendent/designee reserves the right to grant exceptions. Examples of these exceptions include the following:

A. Activities conducted by Dollars for Scholars for the purpose of raising funds for scholarships for graduating seniors.

B. Parent-teacher organization membership activities.

C. Private music lessons given on school property.

D. Class insignia jewelry.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure maximum instruction time for teachers and students, and in no way reflects a negative attitude toward many of the very worthwhile civic and charitable activities sponsored within the community, either on a strictly local basis or as part of a regional, state, or national activity. The above does not apply when buildings are rented by an organization.

No funds will be solicited from school district employees on school property by organizations or individuals not employed by the school district or without prior approval.

Adopted: 6/1994
Revised: 4/2009