Policies - Section 5000 » 5097 - Non-School Sponsored Trips

5097 - Non-School Sponsored Trips

5097 Non-School Sponsored Trips 5097 
A non-school-sponsored trip is defined as an experience that involves students traveling outside of the community that is arranged within the school environment but is not sponsored by the school. 

All non-school sponsored trips must be clearly identified as such at all student and parent meetings and on all trip related literature. Use of school facilities for the organization of such trips shall be in accordance with District policy. The District shall have no obligation to ensure that such trips will not infringe upon the regular attendance and education of its students. If such a trip results in the need for students to be absent from school, makeup work will be in accordance with school procedures. The District assumes no liability for non-school sponsored trips.

Adopted: 12/1972
Revised: 6/1986, 9/1999, 5/2010