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5100 - National Competition Donation Guidelines

5100 National Competition Donation Guidelines 5100
1. Introduction

The Milford School Board encourages individual students and school sponsored student groups to enter state competitions, and to then enter national competitions when eligible based on the results of the state competitions. The Board may authorize partial funding by the District for the expenses associated with national competitions according to the following guidelines. The remaining costs to attend the national competition need to come from team fund-raising or through personal funding. The Board specifically reserves the right to fund more or less than the amounts indicated by the guidelines depending on budgetary constraints or other factors that may to be considered at the time of request. The Board reserves the right to provide no funding at its sole discretion.

2. General Guidelines

The Board will authorize District funding of $500 per team or group, or 10% of the total eligible costs needed to be raised, not to exceed $1500.00, whichever is higher. In no case shall the donation exceed the total expected cost of the trip.

3. Eligible Expenses

Expenses that are eligible for consideration include transportation costs, meals expense, over-night accommodations, competition entrance fees, and other related expenses. Costs for reasonable and educational side trips may be included. For example, if the national competition is being held in Washington D.C., then costs for additional day(s) to visit the Smithsonian would be eligible, while costs for an extra day to go to an amusement park would not be eligible.

Eligible costs are only those that are associated with team or group members, their coaches or leaders, and a reasonable number of chaperones. The appropriate number of chaperones may vary depending on the type of the trip, the location of the trip, and the age group of the student participants. Costs for parents, siblings, relatives, or friends who also choose to go on the trip are not eligible for consideration.

4.Request Format

Requests for donations towards trip expenses shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent, who will then present it to the Board. The request shall provide a brief overview of the trip listing the itinerary, including any side trips. There shall be a trip budget that details the expected costs for the various categories of expense. The names of the eligible people and their roles shall be included.
Adopted: 9/2010