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5120 - Pregnant Students

5120 Pregnant Students 5120
Maternal or paternal status shall not affect the rights and privileges of students to receive a public education. Pregnant students shall be permitted to continue in school in all instances when continued attendance has the sanction of the expectant mother’s physician. The Board may require a physician’s statement of activity limitations.

In the event a student informs a staff member that the student is pregnant, the following general guidelines will apply.

School staff members are reminded that they do not have the same relationship with students that the student would have in a medical setting.

Any staff member who learns that a student is pregnant or is informed of such by the pregnant student will immediately inform the building principal, school nurse and school/guidance counselor who may provide the pregnant student with information relative to medical health facilities, mental health resources, and counseling resources.

Staff members cannot promise that information told to the staff member by the student will remain confidential. Staff members should inform the student that pertinent laws may require the staff member to share the information if the student’s health, safety or welfare is at risk.

If a pregnant student is a minor, the school building principal may need to contact state social service agencies. This determination should be made after consultation with the student nurse, school nurse, school/guidance counselor, and other employees whose input is needed.

Any other school district action or response will be made by the building principal, on a case-by-case basis, after consideration of all pertinent information.

Adopted: 8/2016