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Budget Process Overview

The Milford School District is a “SB2” district (in accordance with RSA 40:13), which is a form of town meeting that has two sessions. The first session is the “Deliberative Session”, taking place in early February, and is an opportunity for tax payers to come out for a meeting with the School Board and Budget Advisory Committee to hear an explanation of, and engage in discussion about, the operating budget that has been proposed for the following school year along with warrant articles appearing on the ballot. During this meeting, registered voters have the opportunity to ask questions and potentially make amendments to the proposed operating budget and warrant articles. The second session is voting day, taking place in early March. This session allows voters to cast an official ballot to pass or fail proposed articles for the operating budget and any other warrant articles related to the business of the District.
For more information on the process, please visit the Department of Revenue Administration website for a Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact the SAU Office at 673-2202.
The overall budget process generally involves the following:
  • The Superintendent works with the school administrative team to develop a budget, which is presented to the School Board in November.
  • The School Board reviews the presented budget, and may make changes to the proposed budget during the meetings in November, December and early January.
  • The preliminary budget is presented to voters for feedback at a budget hearing in January, after which the proposed budget becomes a final draft for presentation at deliberative session.
  • The proposed budget is presented to votes in attendance at a deliberative session in February. Any changes made to the proposed budget require a majority of voters in attendance to approve those changes.
  • Registered voters cast ballots during the voting session in March to approve or reject the budget and any other presented warrant articles.
  • The new budget approved by the voters takes effect on July 1st.