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Cancellations & Delays


Delayed Opening/School Cancellation Information
When inclement weather may affect the opening and / or closing of schools,
please note the following:


School cancellations or delayed opening announcements will be made on the following radio and television stations:

WMUR-TV   Manchester, N.H.   CH. 9

WCVB-TV    Boston, Ma.     CH 5

CBS-TV   Boston, Ma.     CH4

WZID    Manchester, N.H.    95.7 FM

WGIR   Manchester, N.H.    101.1 FM / 610 AM

WBZ    Boston, Ma.  1030 AM

WMUR-TV    Website



Delayed Opening    2 Blasts Pause 2 Blasts    6:30 AM

No School    2 Blasts Pause 2 Blasts    7:00 AM

Delayed Opening Changed To No School    2 Blasts Pause 2 Blasts    8:30 AM

Early Dismissal    2 Blasts Pause 2 Blasts    11:15 AM

~~ All school Delayed Openings are for two (2) hours.  Should this occur, students can be expected to be picked up at their bus stops two (2) hours later than normally scheduled. For example, if your son/daughter is normally picked up at 7:30 AM, then on a delayed opening, pick-up time will be 9:30 AM.

~~ If weather conditions necessitate that a delayed opening be changed to a school closing, announcements will be made on the above listed radio and television stations by 8:00 AM.

~~ Should students be sent home early due to inclement weather, announcements will be made on the same radio and television stations. School personnel will attempt to contact all parents/guardians of students through the eighth grade level to notify them of the early dismissal.